Our Story

We, Ruth Lindner & Inbal Levinson,

pilates instructors since 2005,

graduated from the dance academy in 2013.

Through the years, we continued to learn various educational programs from yoga,

different pilates methods, anathomy and more.

We practiced, researched and learned the work with prenatal women and expert the

rehabilitaion for postpartum.

At the end of 2005, we opened 'Other Space'

which was the first of its kind studio in Israel,

where we first brought the Barre method,

which became our flag workout.

In classes we combined the Pilates, which we based our LIBAH method on.

In January 2020, a minuate before covid entered our lives,

we closed our doors of the physical studio,

as we wanted to grow and to reach to more people,

who couldn't join our physical classes,

and we launched 'pilates barre live', and managed to reach out

to hundreds of women in Israel and around the world

who practiced with us online.